New Firefox Launch party by Mozilla Sri Lanka


This articular  about re-establishment of the Mozilla community in Sri Lanka after long time first place Firefox Sri Lanka was started in 2008.By 2008, Firefox reached 20% worldwide market share and in 2013, Firefox was named as the most trusted Internet Company. So we through it is a good time re-start the community. This happened parallel to release of the New FirefoxOS. Event was started May 10, 2014 9:00 am.We tasted a sweet  Firefox cake  😉

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While tasking refreshment our Mozilla guys give introduction about FirefoxOS and demonstrated it not only that there were 4 Firefox installed phones audience got chance to get involved with new cool features of the FirefoxOS.

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Malinda and Kalpa demonstrated and give good technical details about FirefoxOS Web Apps development,feathers, used Frameworks and Local apps.they said that All the Firefox apps can be ported easily into Android and iOS and also they talk about the Firefox market place. when we publish a app in the Firefox market place it takes about 1 week for our app to be verified and to be available in the Firefox market place.There were twitter competition,those who tweeted the most creative ideas with the hashtag #mozillalk and won goodies.After all technical talking Chathu and Pasindhu announced winners.They got memorable gifts  🙂


Join with us and Everyone is welcome to contribute to the community.At last there will be more and you can stay tuneup up to date with Sri Lanka Mozilla community on Facebook and  Twitter .