Fedora 24 release event


It was another successful event and this is my first event for fedora. I had a grate time with school students, I think shared lot of information about the Fedora distribution and the community.

There were about 30 student which is age 15 to 19  most of them are doing G.C.E A/L and there were G.C.E O/L students also.For student it was a very interesting session and they are new to Fedora distribution.

IMG_20160630_092754 IMG_20160630_100004

The report

About the school

First I have to thank school teacher Mr.Puspa Kumara who help make this event successful.I am not sure if the release event would even be possible to have. Siri Piyarathana Central College is located in western province,Colombo district ,Padukka city there are about 3000 students in grade 6-13 classes and belongs to Zonal educational zone Homagama.

The event

We stared the event in the morning.I introduce myself and previous events I have done for the FOSS community in Sri Lanka. We had a small chat about what was of the purpose of the event and what was the current states of the ICT knowledge in the school.Right after that, I started my talk.

  • I gave them a small introduction about how GUN project started, What is Linux kernel, How Linux kernel started and  and the I gave the a idea about the open source and open source hardwares.not only that i showed some videos also which is about open source projects and free softwares.
  • Next I talk about the Fedora distribution, How fedora project started, also about the fedora community and How we contribute to fedora project.
  • Next we talk about the what’s new in fedora 24 distribution talk about the photo editing tools also.
  • before finishing the event I gave the steps to how dual boot fedora 24.
  • And finally I did a small python coding session with the student and I gave them instructions, how we compile python code on fedora terminal.


I think I gave good introduction about the Free/Open Source and the Fedora Distribution it is not easy to organize an event when you are doing a day job but i will do it again. You can download the presentation from here and see the more details about the event visit fedoraproject.org wik page from here(go to APAC) or click here.


Fedora 24 Alpha – Workstation Installation

Fedora 24 Alpha version was released April 12th 2016 and they right on schedule for June final release.

You can download following prerelease from Get Fedora site:

Noted : Now current states Fedora 24 Beta is pushed back to at least 10 may.Confirmation of this latest F24 delay here. But you can download Fedora 24 Beta, click here

What is the Alpha release?

The Alpha release contains all the features of Fedora 24’s editions in a form that anyone can help test. This testing, guided by the Fedora QA team, helps us target and identify bugs. When these bugs are fixed, we make a Beta release available. A Beta release is code-complete and bears a very strong resemblance to the third and final release. The final release of Fedora 24 is expected in June.

If you take the time to download and try out the Alpha, you can check and make sure the things that are important to YOU are working. Every bug you find and report doesn’t just help you, it improves the experience of millions of Fedora users worldwide!

Together, we can make Fedora rock-solid. We have a culture of coordinating new features and pushing fixes upstream as much as we can, and your feedback improves not only Fedora, but Linux and Free software as a whole.


Fedora 24 Alpha Install Guide for workstation

  1. Before Installation

    1. You can download Fedora 24  Alpha from here.
      1.  Select your version, Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation. On this guide I use Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation 64-bit.
    2. To create a live stick you can use Rufus
    3. if you need to create a dual boot with windows you need to create a unallocated partition that have about 100GBfedora-01
  2. Boot Option Menu select start Linux 24_Alphafedora-1

  3. Start Fedora 23 Alpha Installation click Install to Hard Drivefedora-2

  4. Select Languagefedora-3

  5. Select I accept my fatefedora-4

  6. Installation summary Windowfedora-5

    1. select installation destination

      1. it will detect unallocated partition if you only select Automatically configure partitioning and finally click Done button.fedora-20
    2. You can change date by clicking TIME & DATE

    3. Modify partitions manually

      1. click  “I will configure partitioning” and click Donefedora-m1
      2. you click link that call “click here to create them automatically” or you can click “+” mark to create swap(RAM size), boot partition (500 MB) and rest space goes to root finally click Donefedora-m2fedora-m3
      3. click Accept Changesfedora-24
    4. All done click Begin Installation

  7. Package Installation and Setupfedora-7

  8. Setup root Passwordfedora-8

  9. Create User Account

    1. click “Make this user administrator”fedora-9
  10. All went well click Quitfedora-12

  11. Finishing Fedora 24 Alpha

    1. Fedora 24 Boot Menu (Grub 2)fedora-21

    2. Booting Fedora 24fedora-11

    3. Fedora 24 Alpha GDM Login windowfedora-19

    4. Fedora 24 Alpha Gnome Welcome Screenfedora-13

    5. Select Input Sourcesfedora-14

    6. Privacy Settingsfedora-15

    7. add Cloud Accountfedora-16

    8. Start using Gnomefedora-17

  12. Fedora 24 Alpha Desktop Screenshotsfedora-18



Firefox Tricks You Should Know!




1. KeyBoard ShortCuts :  


  • Shift+Spacebar (Page up)
  • Spacebar (Page down)
  • Ctrl + F (Find)
  • Alt+N (Find next)
  • Ctrl+D (Bookmark Page)
  • Ctrl+T (New Tab )
  • Ctrl +L (go to Adress Bar)
  • Ctrl +k (Go to search box)
  • Ctrl++(Increase Text Size)
  • Ctrl +- (Decrease text size )
  • Ctrl+W (Close Tab)
  • F5 (reload)
  • Alt+Home (Go to Home Page)




2.More screen space: You can make your icon small by navigating to View > Toolbars >Customize then check the “Use Samll Icons” Box


3.Auto Complter : Go to Address bar and type just the name of the site without “www” or “.com”. for eg; google. Then press Control+Enter. it will automatically fill the www and the .com and will take you to http://www.google.com. For .net addresses Press Shift + Enter.




4.Mouse Sortcuts: Sometimes mouse shortcuts may prove More usefull then Keyboard.
Following are some usefull mouse shortcuts.


  • Middle Click on link (Opens that link in new tab)
  • Shift+Scroll Down (Previous Page)
  • Shift+Scroll up (Next Page)
  • Ctrl+Scroll down (increase text size)
  • Middle Click on tab (Close tab)
5.about:config: Its a True Power User’s Tool. about:config is not something to mess with unless and untill you know what a setting does.You can get to main Configuration screen by typing about:config in the address bar of your browser.




6.Add a Keyword For your Bookmark: Go to your bookmarks faster by giving them keywords.
Rightclick the bookmark and then select properties. Put a short keyword of you liking in the keyword field. then save it. and now you can type that keyword in the address bar and it will go to you bookmark easily.




7.Speedup Firefox: You can speed up you firefox by doing some simple settings.
Check this link for complete tutorial > Speed up Your Firefox.


8.Limit Your browsers RAM Usage : Firefox takes up too much memory on you computer, you can limit the amount of RAM usage. Here is how you can do this.
Go to About:Config, filter”browser.cache” and then select “Browser.cache.disk.capacity”.its set to 50000, but you can lower it down depending on how much memory you Have. i recommend to try 15000 If you have between 512 mb and 1gb ram. you can change it accordingly.


9.Reduce RAM usage further when Firefox is minimized: This setting will move Firefox to your hard drive when you minimize it, taking up much less memory. And there is no noticeable difference in speed when you restore Firefox so it’s definitely worth it. Again, go to about:config, right-click anywhere and select New-> Boolean. Name it “config.trim_on_minimize” and set it to TRUE. You have to restart Firefox for these settings to take effect.


10.Tab Navigation: Instead of using mouse to select Different tabs that you have opened in you browser. use the keyboard. Shortcuts are:


Ctrl+Tab (rotate Forward Among tabs)
Ctrl+shift+tab(Rotate to the previous tab)
Ctrl+1+9 (Choose a number to jump to a specific tab)